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Holiday tensions lead to family fight, arrest, jail

by Susan Bromley

January 04, 2012

Brandon Twp.- A fight involving several females all related to each other started with alleged inappropriate behavior by a teenager on Christmas, and three days later, escalated to profanities, a slap, minor injuries to multiple parties and a drawn gun.

By the time it was all over, police had issued a man a ticket for disorderly conduct and lodged one of the women in jail.

According to police reports, at 10:08 p.m. Dec. 28, Brandon deputies were called to a home in the 4400 block of Wildwood Loop for felonious assault with a gun. The first deputy arrived at the home and witnessed several females yelling at each other, with several having fresh blood and obvious signs of minor injuries. The females at the scene ranged in age from 41 to 12-years-old. The deputy began ordering them to separate and inquired to the location of the gun, which was picked up by the gun owner and handed over, grip first. The gun was empty and was secured.

The second deputy arrived, the scene was secured and Brandon Fire Department medics were allowed to begin treatment of the injured parties. Six of the females had various fresh injuries to their faces, including bumps, bruises, and minor bleeding from punches and hand strikes.

Interviews began and there were only minor variations in the story of what had happened. The sister of the gun owner felt her teenaged niece, the gun owner's daughter, had been disrespectful on Christmas by displaying inappropriate behavior in front of young children. The aunt had since made her disapproval known and her niece had sent several disrespectful/threatening messages to her aunt and to her aunt's daughter, the niece's cousin. The aunt, her daughter, and another aunt and daughter went to the father/grandfather's home on Wildwood Loop to confront the niece and her mother (the gun owner). The offended aunt was inside reprimanding her niece when the niece made a profane remark and the aunt slapped her. The mother of the teenager then punched her sister in the face in retaliation for the slap. The niece began fighting back with her aunt, whose daughter started fighting with her own aunt, who began fighting with another sister and her 12-year-old daughter.

The fight then ended for a few minutes and while awaiting police, the mother of the teenager who was the original source of all the angst went in to get her gun when the teen's aunts and cousins started yelling at her again. The woman then pointed her .40 caliber semi-auto pistol at them and ordered them to back away from her daughter, saying, "I'll shoot you all!" The father of the women (and grandfather of the teens and 12-year-old) then stepped in and took the gun away, setting it in the bedroom.

Deputies then arrived to sort everything out and while they were doing so, the father of the 12-year-old girl arrived. She had informed her father by phone that her aunt had slapped her. He came in, disregarded the police officers and was yelling and advancing on the aunt who had slapped his daughter. He disobeyed police orders and was handcuffed. He remained calm after being placed in the patrol vehicle.

The man was cited for disorderly conduct. The gun-owning woman was arrested for felonious assault with a gun and domestic violence and taken to the Oakland County Jail and lodged. The woman who originally slapped the alleged disrespectful teen, was released pending issuance of a warrant.

However, charges against all parties were ultimately denied by the Oakland County Prosecutor's Office.