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Letter to the editor
Thoughts on school bond issue

January 25, 2012

Dear Editor,

Thumbs up to Joan Patterson, Susan Boatman and Rosalie Lieblang for looking out for taxpayers by voting no on the May 8 special election.

Thumbs down to Barry Bomier, Elizabeth Egan, Steve Hyer, and Cheryl McGinnis, the four Clarkston school district board members who didn't blink an eye when they voted to waste $35,000 on the May 8 special election that disenfranchises senior citizens and voters without kids in K-12. They've proven to us that they can't be trusted with any more of our money.

Here are the bond facts they don't want you to know:

Clarkston School District is using your tax dollars to promote this tax increase proposal on its website and its email system.

A recent email blast claimed the bond will result in a 1 mill tax increase. When in fact the increase is estimated to be 1 mill and can be adjusted higher according to tax revenue. Without your vote!

Defaulting on this nonqualifying bond is not an option.

To keep from defaulting, the board can raise the millage if tax revenue declines. Without your vote!

School district is already collecting the maximum 7mills allowed by the state for bonds who's repayment has been extended to 2033. 21 years!

The school district has for the past few years had to borrow from the School Bond Loan Fund to make its current bond payments.

Nonqualifying bonds have no state oversight.

Without state oversight, this bond could be used for anything that qualifies as a capital expenditure.

This bond will be assessed from 2012-2029 17 years!

Just two years ago, the school district spent over $400,000 to implement the computer-based Fast ForWord program. Even though we paid for it to be used by every child in the district, it is not being used differently than before they spent the $400,000.

Superintendent Rock and his family won't be affected by this $100+ "Its for the kids" tax hike, he doesn't even live in our school district!

You won't ever know how much this bond will cost you or your family in the future because the mills on this bond can be adjusted. Without your vote!

Spending $35,000 for a special election on a bond that will put the community further in debt is a fiscally irresponsible thing to do. It's time to set an example of what responsible people do when they're in debt. Say NO to more debt, May 8. It's the responsible thing to do!

Michael and Lori Powell

Independence Township