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And baby makes three
Councilman Tony Albensi welcomes son to the village

by CJ Carnacchio

January 25, 2012

Oxford Village Councilman Tony Albensi and his wife, Jessica Hallmark, proudly present their son, John Christian Albensi. Photo provided.
Oxford Village Councilman Tony Albensi helped increase his community's population by one with the birth of his first child over the weekend.

On Saturday, Jan. 21 at 8:19 a.m., Albensi and his wife, Jessica Hallmark, welcomed their son, John Christian Albensi, into the world at Royal Oak Beaumont Hospital.

"It's very exciting," Albensi said. "We're very proud and very happy."

John, whose nickname is Jack, weighed 6 pounds, 3 ounces and measured 19 inches.

Albensi admitted he was so moved by his son's birth that he cried in the delivery room.

"I watched the whole thing and it was definitely a miracle," he said.

Albensi is eagerly anticipating bonding with his son through the great American tradition of sports.

"His due date was Feb. 5 Super Bowl Sunday so I'm looking forward to watching the Super Bowl with him," he said. "I'm also a huge baseball fan and I'm looking forward to teaching him the game."

When asked if thinks Jack will grow up to be a registered Republican like his proud papa, Albensi replied, "We'll let him carve out his own path, but if he's anything like his dad, probably."

As new parents, Albensi indicated he and wife have received lots of advice from various people, but the best was "Don't worry . . . Do what comes natural, you'll learn and he'll be fantastic."

When asked if the public can expect to see little Jack at a council meeting, Albensi responded, "Maybe at some point. We've got to get him settled in at home first."

Little Jack's grandparents are James and Valerie Albensi, of Lake Orion, and Robert and Linda Hallmark, of Bloomfield Township.