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Party dance in Depot Park

February 01, 2012

Out for a walk, Gretchen Diver of Clarkston noticed a crowd gathered in Depot Park, Jan. 26.

She thought they were there to ice skate on the new rink, but then "Party Rock Anthem" started up and everyone started to dance.

She joined right in.

"I'll dance anywhere," Diver said.

Only when a group of kids lined up with signs did she realize the truth they were all there for her, to help her celebrate her birthday.

"She joked around one day about what to do about her 40th she said we should have a flash mob or something," said her friend Katie Cantwell, who organized the event. "We worked on it for three weeks, and I posted it on Facebook some people here don't even know her."

Diver said she didn't think her friends would actually do it.

"Oh my god, they are the best," she said.

Phil Custodio