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Shooting Stars
Kirchner kicks off comic career

February 01, 2012

Michael Kirchner of Independence Township displays one of his comics. Photo by Phil Custodio
Inspired by "Calvin and Hobbes," Michael Kirchner of Independence Township started drawing comics about a year ago.

"I feel like drawing comics sometimes it's fun," said Kirchner, 8.

His favorite so far is "Fred goes to funland, he said.

"I like what happens in the last box," he explained.

In the comic, Fred goes skiing over funland's many hills. When he falls, losing his ski poles in the process, he points out that "funland is not fun."

Other comics chronicle the adventures of Fred, or others who look a lot like him, as he plays frisbee and robs a bank. Another has Santa falling out of his out-of-control sleigh, landing in relative safety in a handy chimney.

His parents Beth and Mark Kirchner, brother Mark, and grandparents love reading his comics.

"It's great, he enjoys it," Beth said.

"He keeps a journal filled with cartoons," Mark said.

He's also a fan of local author Bryan Chick, who writes the "Secret Zoo" series of children's books.

-Phil Custodio