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Peeking In The Past
A Look Back From The CNews archives

February 08, 2012

15 years ago - 1997

"Some good news on new high school" When bids opened on the new high school, to be built on Flemings Lake Road, one major package came in $800,000 under budget. The board of education approved bids totalling $2,748,419 and some change orders on the project.

"Where the heart is" Geri Ilg, Kay Koby, Rose Juzswik, and Vonda Ruth, four members of Excel, a ladies' barbershop quartet prepared for their annual Val-Grams for Valentine's Day.

"Salary committee approved" A new salary compensation committee was approved to advise the Independence Township board in setting its own salarire for the seven election positions: supervisor, clerk, treasurer and four trustees.

25 years ago - 1987

"Cave-in at bank" A customer using the ATM at Pontiac State Bank on Main Street saw the ceiling fall down. The cave in created a 3-foot high pile of rubble and insulation in the lobby and teller areas.

"Bank closed indefinitely" The ceiling at Main Street's Pontiac State Bank collapsed, closing it temporarily as repairs were made. Engineers said it was because of fatigue the 70-year-odl building held too much weight for too long.

"Village doesn't sign contract" Clarkston Village Council decided not to sign a police contract with Independence Township to double police coverage. It would have cost 150 percent more, which council members said they couldn't justify.

50 years ago - 1962

"Village president interviewed on coming election" Keith Hallman, President of the Business Men's Association, interviewed Village President Roberts Waters on the upcoming election. Waters included a statement about the general election regarding voting on one item - liquor by the glass in Clarkston.

"Dawley - Bonner vows first to be spoken in new church" Sharon and James Bonner were the first couple to be married at the First Methodist Church. They were married on Jan. 20.

"Clarkston locals" Mr. and Mrs. John Glass and family of Canada were dinner guests of the Harold Hoffmans of Independence Township.