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Brandon Township
AMENDING ORDINANCE #140-12 Parking Ordinance

February 15, 2012



Amending Ordinance to the Parking Ordinance of the Code of Ordinances adopted August 2, 2010, by revising Article IV General Regulations, Section 46-246 Parking prohibited, and changing the existing section (a).


THE CHARTER TOWNSHIP OF BRANDON, OAKLAND COUNTY, MICHIGAN ORDAINS: that the current code of ordinances Section 46-246 (a), Prohibited Parking be amended, and it is appropriate for the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the Township that the Code be amended accordingly.

Revision to Section 46-246 (a), Prohibited Parking to read as follows:

(a). Automotive vehicles, trailers of any kind, or recreational vehicles that are self-propelled or towed and designed for highway travel, which are not capable of such travel in its existing condition, or any dismantled, partially dismantled, discarded, wrecked, demolished or partially demolished unit or any unit designed for highway travel not bearing a current license plate or license certificate shall not be parked or stored on any residentially zoned property other than in a completely enclosed building.


The invalidity of any clause, sentence, paragraph or part of this Ordinance shall not affect the validity of the remaining parts of this Ordinance.


The Clerk for the Charter Township of Brandon shall cause this Ordinance to be published in the manner required by the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act, Act 110 of 2006 as amended and MCL 42.22.


This Ordinance shall be seven (7) days after publication, February 18, 2012


The forgoing Ordinance was duly adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Charter Township of Brandon at its regular meeting called and held on the 6th day of February, 2012 and was ordered to be given publication in the manner required by law.

B. Jean McCreery, CMC

Charter Township of Brandon

Introduced 1/23/2012

Adopted 2/06/2012

Published 2/11/20121

Effective 02/18/2012

The full Code of Ordinances can be viewed at the Clerk's office at 395 Mill Street, Ortonville, MI 48462.

Posted by B. Jean McCreery, CMC, Brandon Township Clerk, 395 Mill Street, PO Box 929, Ortonville, MI 48462

Publish in The Citizen 2-11-12