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No re-election for Rosso

February 15, 2012

Larry Rosso said at the Feb. 7 meeting, he would step down from the Independence Township Board of Trustees after 16 years.

"There is a time for everything and this time I think it's time to kind of retire from a township elected office and get some new people filling in on this board," he said. "It's been fun at times and at other times not so fun, but it's been an incredible experience. I appreciate all the people I've served with."

Trustee Mark Petterson said Russo had done a wonderful job being a representative.

"When new people step up to the board I certainly hope they take a lesson from you and your wonderful ambition and deep care for our township," he said.

Trustee Neil Wallace was first elected to board with Rosso in 1996.

"I commend you for your service," Wallace said. "More people should understand and step up to the civic responsibility as a part of their life in this community as you've done."

Trevor Keiser