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Help for Village of Ortonville homes needing repair

by Susan Bromley

February 15, 2012

Ortonville- A broken water heater. A septic system failure. A home in dire need of updates to the electrical system.

These expensive emergency repairs can be devastating, but three village residents were able to get help in the form of $1,000 grants when each of them were faced with the above disasters.

Village Clerk Heidi Barckholtz wants other village residents to know there is more money to be had for qualifying homeowners who need emergency repairs. Five grants worth $1,000 each, one a carryover from 2010 Community Development Block Grant funds and four from 2011 CDBG funds, are available.

"These grants are income-based," said Barckholtz. "We feel there is a need in our community for this kind of assistance. In these tough economic times, this is a good resource for the community to use to get much needed repairs done. Call and see if you qualify."

To meet the criteria of an "emergency," a needed repair must affect the health, welfare and safety of the home's residents. Such emergencies may include no heat, no water, no working septic, or a major electrical issue that is a potential hazard. The grants may also be used toward larger repairs such as a leaking roof.

Residents must show proof of home ownership and income qualify based on the 2011 HUD guidelines. A family of four, for example, cannot have a household income exceeding $53,100 annually. An individual living alone can not make more than $37,200 in a year.

All repair requests submitted will be verified and inspected by the village building inspector and the village will then request bids from contractors to do the work in a short timeframe.

For more information, visit or call Barckholtz or Village Manager John Lyons at 248-627-4976.