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Goodrich Village

February 22, 2012




Ordinance 145


Please take notice that the Goodrich Village Council, at their regular meeting held on the 13th day of February, 2012, adopted an amendment to Chapter 2, Administration, of the Code of Ordinances. Specifically, Chapter 2, "Administration," of the Village of Goodrich Code of Ordinances, Article IV, "Boards and Commissions," Division 2, "Planning Commission" has been revised in order to conform to the Michigan Planning Enabling Act, M.C.L. 125.3801 et. Seq. (P.A. 33 of 2008), as amended. The amendment provides, in summary, for the following as it relates to the Planning Commission in the Village of Goodrich:

Sec. 2-111 Scope, Purpose and Intent

This section confirms the establishment of the Goodrich Planning Commission to establish the appointments, terms, and membership of the commission; to identify the officers and the minimum number of meetings per year of the planning commission; and to prescribe the authority, powers and duties of the Planning Commission.

Sec. 2-112 Establishment

This section re-establishes the Planning Commission in Goodrich according to the new statute.

Sec. 2-113 Appointment and Term

This section confirms membership of said Commission in accordance with the statute.

Sec. 2-114 Removal of Members

This section provides for the removal of members in the instance of misfeasance, malfeasance or nonfeasance of duty.

Sec. 2-115 Conflict of Interest

This section prescribes the process to identify and deal with conflicts of interest.

Sec. 2-116 Officers and Committees

This section provides for the election of officers in accordance with the statute.

Sec. 2-117 Bylaws, Meetings and Records

This section provides for the development of bylaws, regular meetings and special meetings.

Sec. 2-118 Annual Report

This section provides for the development of an annual report.

Sec. 2-119 Master Plan

This section affirms the Planning Commission's authority to plan for development within the Village.

Sec. 2-120 Zoning Powers

This section provides for transfer of authorities authorized under the previous City and Village Zoning Act, Public Act 207 of 1921 (MCL 125.581, et seq.); the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act, Public Act 110 of 2006 (MCL 125.3101, et seq.); or other zoning statutes applicable to the Planning Commission formerly established under the Municipal Planning Act, Public Act 285 of 1931 (MCL 125.31, et seq.) to the Planning Commission.

Sec. 2-121 Capital Improvements Program

This section provides for the creation of a capital improvements program to identify physical improvements and priorities for the upcoming year(s).

Sec. 2-122 Subdivision and Land Division Recommendations

This section affirms the Planning Commission's duty to review and make recommendations pursuant to the Subdivision and Land Division ordinances in the Village of Goodrich.

Sec. 2-123 Personnel; Contract for Services

This section provides for hiring of planning consultants and staff to assist in carrying out the duties above.

Sec. 2-124 Gifts

This section provides for the receipt and deposit of gifts.

This ordinance shall become effective thirty (30) days after publication.

This ordinance is hereby declared to have been adopted by the Goodrich Village Council in to be given publication in the manner prescribed by the Charter of the Village of Goodrich.

A full copy of the proposed amendment is available for inspection at the Village of Goodrich Clerk's Office, located at 7338 South State Road, Goodrich Michigan, during regular business hours.

Publish in The Citizen 2-18-12