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If I had $100...

February 22, 2012

Front from left: Ashtin, Brant, Daniel, Bella and Brady. Center from left, Haven, Keegan, Jack, Reese, Brogan, Wyatt, Haley, Kayla and Madalyn. Back row from left: Toni Schlaire, Sydney, Kayleigh, Michael, Sienna, Hunter, Tommie, and Hailey. Oakwood Elementary Kindergarten class. Photo by Patrick McAbee.
Toni Schlaire's Oaktree Elementary Kindergarten class recently marked the 100th day of school by answering the question: "What would you buy with $100?"

"I would buy 100 match box cars."- Hunter; "I would buy a toy from Toys R Us." -Daniel; "I would buy a million pieces of candy."-Reese; "I would buy a bunny."-Sydney; "I would buy 100 headbands and 100 Chapsticks."- Hailey; "I would buy 100 wrestlers." -Michael; "I would buy a pig."- Brant; "I would buy a hair salon." -Haley; "I would go to the restaurant, McDonald's, and get chicken." -Sienna; "I would take it to Disney."-Haven. "I would buy a bottle from Meijer's." -Brogan; "I would buy a horse." -Bella; "I would put it in my piggy bank." -Kayla; "I would buy a real helicopter." -Wyatt; "I would buy 100 toys." -Jack; "I would buy a piano." -Kylie; "I would buy a horse. -Kayliegh; "I would take it to the zoo." -Madalyn; "I would buy 100 toys, a Teddy bear and a bunny." -Tommie; "I would buy a horse." -Keegan; "I would buy a cat and name it Razzi." -Brady.