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Letter to the editor
Support for ethical conduct rules

February 29, 2012

Dear Editor,

I'm afraid The Clarkston News has misidentified the main issue raised by George Butler's presentation on appropriate and ethical conduct by school board members at the Feb. 13 board meeting ("Gag Rule?" and "Phil in the Blank," Feb. 22).

Citizens of Clarkston and our hometown paper should ask, why was it even necessary for Mr. Butler to address the board on ethical conduct?

If any of the hypothetical activity Mr. Butler described has occurred, then school board members have been subverting state law, the Michigan Open Meetings Act, and violating their own policies and procedures.

These laws and rules exist to protect the democratic process and ideals, including free speech, which are compromised when elected officials seek to influence decisions in secret or outside the parameters established by law.

This rogue activity doesn't make someone a champion of the people, it makes that person an impediment to student achievement and unworthy of holding a position of trust in our community.

Kelli Horst

Springfield Township