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Letters to the editor
City minutes wanted sooner

March 07, 2012

Dear Editor,

I will admit that I do not read the Clarkston Village meeting minutes in the Clarkston News as there is even less content in this "summary" version than there is in the official full version.

However, I noticed that the date of the meeting minutes is Feb. 13 and published in the paper on Feb. 29, 16 days later and after the next meeting of the council has taken place.

If someone had an issue with what the Council did, they would not be able to publicly comment to the Council until two meetings or four weeks later Ordinaces generally have a 20 day period until they go into effect after being approved by the Council.

If one only went by the minutes published in the newspaper, it would be too late to address the council on the matter as it would be at least two meetings, four weeks or 28 days later.

The open meetings act require meeting minutes to be available eight business days after the meeting takes place.

By my count, that would be Thursday of the following week for the regular Monday meetings and in time for readng before the next meeting.

Of course the city does not generally follow this rule and I have found it impossible to get any informaton, including meeting agenda and minutes, no matter how many times I ask.

Perhaps they only want the public to read the approved minutes even though it provides little opportunity to publicly discuss an issue. Perhaps they just don't want anyone to know what they are doing.

Cory Johnston