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Cable board changes voting composition, adds 'super quorum'

by CJ Carnacchio

March 07, 2012

After months of meetings and motions, the Oxford Area Cable Communications Commission last week voted 4-2 to amend its bylaws to create a new voting composition for itself.

Effective immediately, the commission will consist of a total of five members two representatives from Oxford Township and one each from Addison Township and the villages of Oxford and Leonard.

This new composition eliminated one of Oxford Village's two seats on the board. Both of the village's representatives, commissioners Dave Bailey and Sue Bossardet, voted against the change.

Bailey explained to the commission how he "did the math" and it indicated this new makeup gives Oxford Township more influence based on a "voting power index."

He believes his calculations show the township is "going to get its way" more often than before.

The commission also changed what constitutes the quorum necessary for it to conduct business and introduced the concept of a "super quorum."

As far as the quorum necessary to conduct routine business such as approving Oxford Community Television's bill run, the commission decided there must be representatives from at least three of the four municipalities present at a meeting.

Routine business does not include the following approving the budget, changing the budget, terminating or hiring employees, changing the commission's bylaws and electing board officers.

Any of the above actions require the presence of a "super quorum," which consists of representatives from all four municipalities.

Commissioner Wayne Hodges, who represents Addison Township, came up with the concept of have two types of quorums.

He believes this division will "satisfy the intent" of those officials who want representatives from all four municipalities present for major decisions, yet still "give this board some flexibility (to deal with routine issues) when people don't show up" at meetings.