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Letter to the editor
Reader supports board with one exception

March 14, 2012

Dear Editor,

Once again, I find myself wondering where the musings of Trustee Mark Petterson truly come from.

His anger over every issue he disagrees with is just childish. Treasurer Curt Carson often disagrees with the rest of the board. However, his opinion is always thoughtful and well voiced.

Mr. Peterson, if you want to continue to be the voice of our township, please spend some time educating yourself on the issues and also take a communication course. I am truly looking forward to the primary vote in August.

I hope to see the majority of this board re-elected, trustees Neil Wallace and David Lohmeier, Clerk Barbara Pellota, and Carson, and I wish Trustee Larry Rosso would come back. But since he wishes to retire, bless him and all his years of service to our community. Let's see come gracious, intelligent hard working folks step up and give us a choice.

Susan Stillman

Independence Township