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Eagles add to nature

March 21, 2012

Ashleigh Orlowski, Alex Henke, and Joe Featherston bury their acorns in the dirt. Photos by Wendi Reardon
Andersonville Elementary students held the acorns in their hands and after one final look placed them into the dirt on their sides, March 7.

Kelly Willard's fourth class carried their trays with dirt and soon-to-be-growing red oak trees back into the classroom to write down their observations.

They will continue to monitor them, writing down their observations once a week for six weeks until it is time to take them home and plant them.

"They will see how the trees grow," said Willard, explaining the program is new to Andersonville.

"Every single classroom and every student is getting an acorn to turn into trees," she continued.

The acorns and all the materials plant trays, planting containers, spray bottles and potting soil mix were provided by Trees for Living and Learning, a program created by Doug Pettypiece.

"They are learning how to take care of the red oak and what it is," Willard added.

Last year the program provided acorns and planting materials to around 1,000 students. Not only are the Andersonville Eagles participating, but schools in Lake Orion and Pontiac are as well. For more information, visit

~Wendi Reardon