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School bond issue capital needs list

March 28, 2012

Andersonville Elementary

$18,000, replace domestic water storage tank

$20,000, renovate storage building behind school

$65,000 enhance parking lot, separate parent/bus loops

Bailey Lake Elementary

$10,000, security improvement, gym interior doors

Clarkston Elementary

$100,000, improve sanitary lines, restroom fixtures

Independence Elementary

$80,000, improve insulation of exterior walls

North Sashabaw Elementary

$25,000, upgrade restroom fixtures

Springfield Plains Elementary

$25,000, install AC in gym, only elementary gym without AC, equity issue

Sashabaw Middle School

$50,000, improve ventilation system, tech workshop

$55,000, security system enhancements

$25,000, sound treatment in band room

Clarkston Junior High

$100,000, improve sanitary lines, restroom fixtures

$100,000, renovate restrooms near cafeteria

$100,000, renovate locker rooms, restrooms, trophy cases in gym

$20,000, replace ceiling tiles in gym area

$140,000, re-construct tennis court

$40,000, re-construct track

$7,175, Wenger music storage cabinets

$25,000, Wenger curtains for band room

$3,000, Wenger chairs to replace worn chairs

Clarkston High School

$100,000, improve accessibility to handicap doors

$110,000, re-construct tennis court

$40,000, re-construct track


$650,000 replace floor coverings at various buildings, estimate $8/square foot-tile/carpet

$500,000, efficiency upgrade, electrical / lighting, various buildings

$675,000, upgrade energy management systems

$40,000, renovate lockers at elementary buildings

$75,000, construct brick/block storage bldgs, NSE, CE, RHS, IE, CHS, BLE

$550,000, replace, renovate roofing

$20,000, replace transportation garage doors

$10,000, enhance bus wash

$3,015,000, improve parking lots, sidewalks

$100,000, expand Early Childhood Center parking

$80,000, replace custodial equipment

$150,000, replace district furniture

$95,000, replace grounds, maintenance equipment

$1,500,000, upgrade infrastructure, years 7-9

$1,018,000, upgrade data electronics

$276,250, install district-wide wireless access

$4,160,500, increase mobile technology

$2,000,000, replace outdated computers

$1,500,000, interactive technologies

$10,000, increase network storage

$450,000, security system enhancements

Total, $19,957,925

Vote set for May 8. For more information, call 248-623-5408 or check the district website at