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Forensics team take first place in silver division

March 28, 2012

Theo Zucker performing her piece. Photo by T. Gribbin
By Tahra Gribbin

Review Staff Writer

The Lake Orion Forensics Team took first place in the silver division in the final tournament of their regular season at Walled Lake Western High School on March 17.

Aside from doing well as a team, Lake Orion also did well in the individual events as well. Senior Katie Grantham placed seventh in poetry while junior Will Mason took home sixth place in informative. Senior Samantha Weaver placed sixth in sales.

Among the winners were also sophomore Shayda Soraya with second place in sales 9/10 and senior Alexis Attinoto who finished second place in prose.

Because the regular season is over, the team will prepare for the post-season and state competitions. The regional competition is scheduled for Sunday, April 15 at Walled Lake Western.

Forensics team coaches Lindsay Finkbeiner and Cathy Srock offered their praise at the teams accomplishments.

"We are very proud of what they have accomplished so far," said Finkbeiner. "But now we need to prepare for what is still ahead."

Srock said the team was happy with their wins but also realize they are part of one the most difficult regions in the state.

"So while we are excited about the successes of the regular season, it only gets harder from here," Srock added. "Now, the real hard work begins."

Divisions, such as Orion's silver division, are organized based on the number of entries a team submits in the tournament. Over 25 schools and 500 competitors participated in Saturday's tournament.

Everyone is encouraged to support the Lake Orion "forensicators" at their regional competition on April 15.