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I'll stick with my 'Warm Friends'

March 28, 2012

Dear Editor,

I wanted to write to thank Mr. Bob Kratt and the Hamilton's Crew for their Letter to the Editor in last week's Citizen (March 24, 2012.) I was happy to see that Hamilton's take on the proposed Consumer Power gas main extension was finally voiced. The Citizen has now devoted two articles on the subject: 'Board OK's resolution supporting natural gas main extension in township', March 10 and 'Consumers Energy ready to expand gas line through township,' March 3, 2012. It would have been nice for The Citizen to give Hamilton's a chance to comment in either of these articles, but instead left Mr. Kratt no choice but to write an editorial. Hamilton's has been a fixture in the community for decades. In the past, The Citizen has even given "kudos" (Don't Rush Me dated Oct 19, 2011) to the Hamilton's crew for helping to raise money for a cancer patient to cover their heating costs. Hamilton's has done the same thing for local veterans, as well as donated proceeds via their pink-truck campaign to the Karmanos Cancer Institute. As someone who knows first hand the pain and financial burden of cancer, it means the world to have local business give back to the community the way Hamilton's does year after year. It would have been nice if you guys at The Citizen would have stepped up to the plate to give a local business affected by the gas main proposal a chance to give their prospective.

As for me...I'll stick with my "Warm Friends" that have provided great service to me and my family for over thirty years.

Jay Kittell