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Celebrating art in the city

April 04, 2012

Sharon Hurlbert explains "View of the Tiber with the Castel Sant'Angelo" by Bernardo Bellotto. Photo by Trevor Keiser
Clarkston patrons celebrated the arrival of Detroit Institute of Art Inside/Out, March 28, with wine and cheese at City Hall.

"I wanted to do something to celebrate the fact we were selected to participate with the DIA," said City Councilwoman Peg Roth.

The Parsonage, Clarkston Union and Woodshop, Essence on Main, Lisa's Confection Connection, and Rudy's Market all contributed hors d'oeuvres and snacks to the event.

"I was so pleased our retailers contributed to our refreshment table," Roth said. "I thought that was very, very nice."

Local residents and public officials also enjoyed a tour around town with resident and DIA Volunteer Sharon Hurlbert to explain each painting.

"I thought Sharon did a fabulous job on the tour," Roth said. " She is so enthusiastic and so knowledgeable about these pieces of art. It's really amazing."

"I was very pleased so many in the community in an evening stopped by to look at the art," Hurlbert said. "And to listen and to find out why the Detroit Institute of Arts had come to our community."