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Oldest Oakland County Sheriff’s Lieutenant retires

by Gabriel L. Ouzounian

April 04, 2012

Township supervisor JoAnn Van Tassel embraces former Orion Township Deputy Lieutenent Bruce Naile after giving him an award for his service. Naile was the longest serving Lieutenent in Oakland County Sheriff’s history. Photo by G. Ouzounian
The Orion Township Substation will lose a long time ally of the Oakland County Sheriff's Department, as Lieutenant Bruce Naile retires after 42 years of service.

"Naile has had a remarkable career in a variety of assignments," said Township supervisor JoAnn VanTassel. "Orion Township is grateful for his 9 years of leadership to keep our citizens safe. He will be missed."

The lieutenant, who also served in Vietnam as a medic earning a bronze star and two combat medals, is replaced by Lieutenant Dan Toth

"If I can go back a few years, I think I was 22 when I first patrolled Orion Township," said Naile. "The Undersheriff was still in high school at that time. Back then this place was known as District Three and at that time we had one car to cover the whole area.

"At that time I had hair, it was brown, and in 1992 I was assigned out here permanently back when Waldon was still dirt. A lot has changed."

Naile said he didn't expect any recognition for doing his job, and instead said the deputies lining the back of the room deserved most of the recognition. He said in his time he met people who were some of the worst people in the world, but also met some of the finest, too.

"People like Dan Dewey that pay it forward and takes coffee to local hospitals," said Naile "Last week, two citizens had $500 each paid on their car repair bills by a total stranger. These are good things that go on in the township."

He assured the crowd they would still receive quality law enforcement service from the Oakland County Sheriff's Deputies. Undersheriff Mike McCabe was also quick to give recognition of Naile's accomplishments.

"Naile replaced me 19 years ago and for those that don't know him, Naile is the longest serving substation commander in the history of the Oakland County Sheriff's of fice," said McCabe. "I personally and behalf on the Sheriff's office want to thank Naile for his service. He stepped up to the plate for us and he's stepping up again for a lieutenant in Commerce Township who started the FBI academy just today. Naile has volunteered to fill in out there before his retirement in the near future.

"The sheriff asked him to do this personally, he didn't have to do it, but he did and that's the kind of guy were losing."

Finally, Toth, a 25-year veteran of the department, also offered his thanks to the Lieutenant and talked about the impressions he got as Naile escorted him around the township prior to his taking the position.

"As we drove around the township, he pointed out the new subdivisions and buildings, but the impression I got was that it was very evident with all the contacts he had and the trust he had was almost universal," said Toth. "We consider Oakland County our flock and we'll take good care of your flock and your family. We will carry on the traditions and we thank you for the support."