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LOHS presents musical

April 04, 2012

By Tahra Gribbin

Review Intern

Lake Orion High School's spring musical this year is "Footloose." "Footloose" is a fun musical centered around Ren MacCormack who moves from a big city to a small town where the community has just had a tragedy. Because of this tragedy, loud music and dancing are banned. Ren MacCormack stands up against this ban and falls in love in the process.

Senior Alexis Attinoto is one of the cast members of "Footloose." She plays Vi Moore. Attinoto is also the president of Lake Orion High School's chapter of the International Thespian Sociey. All of the other board members are also involved with the musical. 

"I love the characters," said Attinoto. "Mrs. Lowe casted this play perfectly. Even though some of the leads are out of their comfort zones, they have worked incredibly hard to embody their character and tell their story."

As with any show, the on stage people are only a part of the production. The students had a lot of help from adults running the show. Sara Michener is the choreographer, Emily Olson is the costumer, Leann Lowe is the director and Kristen Moreno is the music director.

"Alanah Harper-Brecht is our student director and Alex Rogala is the crew director," Attinoto said. "Alanah has worked so hard this year. She has come to every rehearsal and is in the show as well as backstage. She and Alex are a blessing and have been a huge help."

Those working backstage tend to get overlooked during the show, but the students appreciate all of their hard work that they put in throughout the entirety of the process. Senior Alex Zacheravich, Urleen in the musical especially appreciates the backstage hands.

"The people who work backstage are the real stars of the show," Zacheravich said. "They put in a tremendous amount of time and effort in to making everything come together."

Zacheravich got involved with "Footloose" and previous Lake Orion High School productions because she has always loved doing plays and musicals.

"My favorite thing about the musical is the people that you get to work with and the relationships that are built." said Zacheravich. "I have been involved with theater for 7 years. I think the audience will enjoy everything about this musical: the story, music, dancing, characters, etc. It's just a really fun performance!"

Attinoto cited her reasons for getting involved with musicals being something much more personal and as something that has helped her throughout her life.

"I've always been shy and acting allows me to tell someone else's story while inputting my own emotions and characterization," said Attinoto. "I was a character actress in middle school, but I've gotten involved in much deeper roles in high school."

Junior Alanah Harper-Brecht is in volved with the musical on both the technical and performing ends. She is the show's student director, helping Lowe to run the musical and she is in the adult chorus, performing with her fellow actors. 

"I love going to practice," Harper-Brecht said. "It's what I look forward to all day because the people involved are all nice and fun to be around. I fell in love with the musical last year and had to audition again."

Although practicing can be fun for the actors, there are times where practices are less about fun and more about work.

"Practices are a little rough at times," said Attinoto. "There's a lot of dancing and it has taken a lot of time to choreograph and perfect each number. But everything is starting to pay off."

Lake Orion High School's production of "Footloose" runs from April 19 - 21 at 7:30 PM. There will be a show for senior citizens and Scripps Middle School on Wednesday, April 18, which will also double as Lake Orion's final tech rehearsal.

"Footloose will be fantastic," Attinoto said. "The audience will be able to identify with the a characters, the adults will recognize the toe-tapping 80's music. They will laugh, maybe shed a few tears, but the show will definitely keep their attention. Its just a genuine show."

Tickets will be sold beginning April 12 during the school lunches and after school at Lake Orion High School. Tickets will also be sold at the door, although it's advised to buy a ticket ahead of time for the opening night. The cost is $12 for adults and $8 for students and seniors.