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Sumthing Green: Seeking scrap for cash

by David Fleet

April 11, 2012

Robert, Jon and David Dahlin with some of the scrap metal at Sumthing Green. Photo by David Fleet.
Brandon Twp.- Area landfills may be just a little smaller thanks to a new area business.

"It's pretty easy to find scrap metal from hub caps to grills to auto parts— they all have value," said Jon Dahlin, manager of Sumthing Green, 103 Wolfe Lane, Ortonville. "Some are very small amounts to collect, but it all adds up. It can mean cash and helps the environment by keeping those items out of landfills."

The family-owned business, which opened in February, is the collection point for materials including ferrous metals such as washers and dryers to water tanks to lawn equipment. Non-ferrous items accepted include cooper, brass and electric motors. The material is weighed and graded accordingly and the customer is paid per pound. Payments are cash for up to $50 and a check for greater amounts.

"It's amazing how much material is out there when people start looking. If your garage or pole barn needs cleaning out and metal doors, car starters, engine blocks, aluminum gutters, old pipes or copper tubing have been laying around for years, bring it in and get paid for it," said Dahlin.

Sumthing Green is currently working with Ortonville Community Emergency Fund food pantry if customers wish to donate the proceeds from the scrap metal to a good cause.

"If possible, separate the material to make more money," he said. "Pull out the copper wire or brass parts to improve the value of the product. If you're not sure, give us a call or just stop by."

"Don't pay a trash company to haul it away when we'll pay for it," added Jon. "Many people have created part-time jobs collecting metal from fields or put out to be picked by garbage collectors."

Once the scrap materials are collected they are hauled to a plant in Jackson where they are melted down or reused.

Sumthing Green, 248-793-3410.