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Jim's Jottings
Mike and Bubba dominated our news
TV News & The Masters

by Jim Sherman, Sr.

April 18, 2012

I don't remember what television news program I watched most in the past half century, but it wasn't 60 Minutes and Mike Wallace.

Reading about his passing this week makes me a little sorry I missed his interviews. If he was as prepared and thorough as his obituaries read, he must have been great at his trade..

But, an after-note caught my ear. lt said cable tv took audiences from conventional news programs, like 60 Minutes. Cable is less expensive and its expansion made daily news readers listeners.

This reporting took away many daily newspaper subscribers. How quickly the "thickness" of our daily paper became a "thinness."

Now we have a zillion tv channels and 5 zillion "bulletin" interruptions every day. Are we better informed, or just informed more often?

Of course, there's this upside: Because dailies' revenues lagged, reporters were laid off, which lead to less "local" news reporting. I suppose cable or satellites or something will come along, but right now the weekly newspaper industry is doing fairly well, thankyou.

It remains readers' choice for local (school, governments, obits, accidents, happenings) news.

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On to the world of golf.

Bubba Watson.

What a great human interest sports story.

A man who never took a golf lesson won perhaps the most prestigious golf event in the world, the Masters.

He won it on the second playoff hole. He'd hit his drive far into the woods, while his opponent, Louis Oosthuizen of S. Africa, hit his drive down the fairway.

From Bubba's second shot the tv cameras could not show us the green. The left hander whopped the ball way high and it landed a dozen feet from the pin.

It took Louis three shots to get his ball into the hole, Bubba two.

And, what a moving sight. A very humble winner, hugging all around and shaking from crying, worked his way into the trophy room to accept the Masters' Green Jacket.

Long live the scene Florida's Bubba Watson created.

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They must be making labels on men's shirts and pants longer or somehow more obvious.

My new pant label reds, "I have personally examined every detail of this garment to make sure it meets our high standards. Inspector 57"

Thank you, Inspector 57.

My recent shirt purchase label read: "Made in En Cho En China. Wash before wearing." I've never washed anything before wearing.

But, my ceramic making friend Susan says she washes everything before wearing. Something about the dyes, she says.

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I haven't had anything worth quoting from my friend John Patrell for a long time, but he left me this note on my answering machine.

"This is Johnny. When you finish your paper work, call me." In re-thinking that, he still hasn't said anything worth quoting for a long time.

A chicken crossing the road is poultry in motion.

What do you get when you cross a snake with a hotdog? A fangfurther

All men are animals. Some just make better pets.