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Groveland Township
Synopsis of 04-09-2-12 meeting

April 18, 2012


Groveland Twp. Board 04-09-2012

Call To Order & Roll Call

Approved: Consent Agenda

Approved March Minutes

Approved: Budget Amendments

Accounts Payable

Financial Reports

Approved Ordinance Amendments #182/#187

Approved MERS Health Care Savings

Approved OPEB & MERS Funding Obligation

Approved Revision of Fire Loan to Pay OPEB & MERS

Approved Employee Policies & Procedure Manual

Approved 457 Plan IRS Updates

Approved Increase to Annual Youth Assistance Funding

Approved Clerk to Attend Clerk Conference in June 2012

Approved Annual Lawn Maintenance Contract

Approved Village of Holly Ambulance Contract/30 Day Extension

Approved Upgrade of Office Phones

Approved to Adopt Ordinance #186

Approved Budget for Voter I.D. Cards

Approved Building Permit Fee Schedule (Commercial)


Approved April as Fair Housing Month

Approved West Nile Virus

Approved May as Mental Health Month


Approved Hiring of Whitney Hultz-Cadet

Approved Physio Control Contract

Approved Purchase of Chiefs Car

Patti Back

Recording Secretary

Publish in The Citizen 4-14-12