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Ben Magdaleno is Mr. Oxford!

by CJ Carnacchio

April 18, 2012

Wearing a grass skirt and coconut shell bra for the beach wear competition is OHS senior (and football superstar) Prescott Line. Good luck at Southern Methodist University this fall. We’d suggest wearing pants down there. Photo By C.J. Carnacchio
It's like Miss America only with dudes.

Congratulations to Oxford High School senior Ben Magdaleno who was crowned "Mr. Oxford 2012" Monday night at the Fine Arts Center.

Eight of the manliest men OHS could muster competed in the pageant held as a fund-raiser for this year's prom.

Contestants included seniors Jacob Brubaker, Colin Goetz, Tim Tucker, Ben Magdaleno, Prescott Line and Mike Kitchner along with juniors Zach Hinman and Ryan Gillespie.

The pageant began with the guys demonstrating various talents ranging from musical ability to juggling to some of the worst and funniest magic tricks anyone has ever seen.

The fellas then strutted their stuff in the beach wear and evening wear portions of the competition. They finished the contest by answering some thought-provoking questions.

As the winner, Magdaleno had his choice of either $100 cash or free prom tickets. The runner-up, which was Brubaker, received $50. He also won the beach wear portion of the pageant, which earned him an additional $25.