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Best interest of Goodrich at heart

April 25, 2012

Dear Editor,

(In response to: "Is this really what Goodrich needs?", The Citizen, April 21, Page 6)

I personally would like to extend an invitation to anyone who has not yet visited the Goodrich Trade Center. As the owner of this fantastic facility I am very proud of the improvements we have made, and continue to make to this once dilapidated series of buildings.

Our property consists of three different venues located in one facility.

The B Hive consignment store, which we operated in downtown Goodrich until our recent move to the current much larger location, offers an ecclectic mix of home furnishings, antiques, and artisan items. We currently house 28 seperate dealer booths along with consignments from more than 300 clients. Our ever-changing mix offers the consumer an opportunity to purchase everything from Thomasville furniture to McCall's candles and even vintage clothing. Our store is more than 8,000 sq feet with an amazing and clean selection.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our market is clean, well-promoted, and has an ever-changing selection of vendors.

Our goal, even when our store was located in downtown Goodrich, was and is to bring positive growth to Goodrich.

Towns such as Armada, Mich. have had tremendous economic growth due to the popularity of their two day a week flea market. Retailers and restaurants have popped up and survived in Armada because of the increase in traffic. Yet it remains a beautiful small town with a very close-knit community.

During the past 6 years that my husband and I have lived in Goodrich we have been involved in everything from him coaching sports to myself being on committees for Good Times in Goodrich and Downtown Christmas as well as being a Realtor in this town. We truly have the best interest of this community at heart.

We saw an opportunity and took a chance that most would not. We improved a bank-owned property and made it virant and alive, all while in compliance with local ordinances. Goodrich is not a town that most investors would open a business, simply because it is a town that does not always support its own.

So please, take the time to support Goodrich and help the local community continue to improve. The B Hive is open 7 days a week and we invite everyone to come and see what we have done and enjoy our Saturday market as many have.

Bernadette Jacobs

Owner Goodrich Trade Center The B Hive Consignment Store Goodrich Flea Market & Legacy Estate and Auction Services