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Tell the whole story of state park fees

April 25, 2012

(In response to, "Take advantage of Pure Michigan", The Citizen, April 7, page 6)

Dear Editor,

In Brad Jacobsen's Letter to the Editor, the District 46 Representative stated that the recreation passport that gives annual access to all state parks and boat launches can be purchased for $10 at the Secretary of State when a person renews their license plate.

I recently renewed my license plate, but I didn't know if I would be going to a state park or not this year, and I called two state parks at 810-797-4439 and 248-627-3828 for some information.

On Oct. 1, 2010, the cost for a recreation passport that gives annual access was changed to the lower fee of $10. It's the same fee if purchased at a Secretary of State when a license plate is renewed or at a state park.

I and others thought it would cost more at a state park, no I can wait and purchase it if and when I go to a state park. A daily pass into a state park is $4. I called Jacobsen's office to say I wish he would have given us this complete information.

Marion Hyatt