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Letter to the Editor
Reader support for Wallace candidacy

May 09, 2012

Dear Editor,

Neil Wallace has recently announced his intention to become Independence Township supervisor and we are extremely pleased. Neil is, in our opinion, that rare combination of experience, talent, vision and character ideally suited to fill that position.

Neil has been a part of this community for about 35 years. During that time, he has been politically active as a private citizen, as Township Planning Commission member, including chair, and, of course, more recently in his second term as township trustee.

During this time he has handled a variety of complex situations, which have called for complex solutions.

One of Neil's core beliefs is that Independence should be developed as a quality residential community.

As such, he has vigorously supported the Township Master Plan. This plan helps assure development preserves the quality and character of Independence. While this may sound simple, it can in fact be complicated and in many cases unpopular with those who would reap large financial rewards by being allowed to circumvent its enforcement.

Another of Neil's core beliefs is active citizen participation is critical to good government. While serving as township trustee, Neil has spearheaded numerous cost saving initiatives to reduce accumulated inefficiencies and waste. While doing so, Neil has encouraged citizen-led committees to recommend what might be done.

And thirdly, Neil believes in good communication. He believes a properly informed public will have a much greater ability and desire to become involved in the decision making processes of its elected leaders. Neil's website at is a great place to view important details of his perspective on our township government.

And so if you think as we do that experience, talent and great set of core beliefs is important in your next Township Supervisor please join us Aug. 7 and vote for Neil Wallace.

Craig and Diana Bennett

Independence Township