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Letter to the Editor
Democrat candidate seeks spot on ballot

May 09, 2012

Dear Editor,

The 1958 hit song title "Try the Impossible" by Lee Andrews and the Hearts perfectly describes what I am trying to do in Independence Township.

I have never worn a Michigan State jersey to the Big House or a Michigan Jersey to the Breslin Center. But, I have decided to do something much, much worse. I am collecting petition signatures to appear on the ballot as a Democrat in Independence Township.

Now this isn't a partisan letter to the editor and I'm not asking for your vote. I am however encouraging you to "Try the Impossible" in your own life. America, and quite possibly Clarkston, would not even exist if the founders decided not to chase their dreams because it would be difficult.

We all have something in our lives that we want to try but think we don't have a snowball's chance of accomplishing it. But I say go for it anyway! Take a chance! Goliath may win more often than David. But when David wins, the inspirational story seems to last for years and years!

So as Lee Andrews and the Hearts said, "Try the impossible… for in trying, all of our dreams might come true."


Jeremy Mitchell

Independence Township