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Kids have a day in court

May 09, 2012

Justin Tebbets and Judge Joseph Fabrizio, 52-2 District Court. Photo by Mary Keck
Ten and 11-year-olds may seem young to be in court, but not for the 24 local fourth graders in the Clarkston Optimist's Respect for Law program.

On May 2, the Optimists recognized the students who were nominated for their civic responsibility by their teachers and principals.

As part of the Respect for Law program, the students visited the 52-2 District Court and observed a court session. Then they went to Circuit Court in Pontiac.

Many of the kids were impressed by the underground tunnel leading from the Circuit Court building to the Oakland County jail. Another remembered the metal detectors, and one student said he learned "never to do any of those things!"

Larry Rosso, chair of the Respect for Law program and township trustee, said the program coincides with what students are learning about the judicial branch of government at school.

It also "encourages the kids to understand the importance of the legal system, and it impresses on them why it is important to have a civil society."

Mary Keck