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Letter to the Editor
A call to elect Wallace as supervisor

May 16, 2012

Dear Editor,

This is a very important election year not only at the national level but locally as well. I'm tired of the lack of transparency and shady township dealings of the past. It's time for a breath of fresh air. It's time for Neil Wallace for Independence Township supervisor!

If you're like me, you are busy living your life. You expect your local government officials to ask probing questions in order to make prudent decisions before spending your hard-earned tax dollars.

At the Township Board meetings I've attended or watched on public access TV, I've noticed that Neil Wallace does just that. He asks the questions that I would ask and insists on facts before making a decision.

I consider these to be qualities of a good public steward. As an engineer, I appreciate someone who is data-driven with an inquisitive mind.

Neil is well respected and has been active in the community for many years. In my book, It's Neil Wallace for Independence Township supervisor. I'm voting Wallace in the Aug. 7 primary.

Sharon Dudzinski

Independence Township