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Letter to the Editor
More support for Wallace candidacy

May 16, 2012

Dear Editor,

In the upcoming August 7, 2012 primary, Township voters will hopefully reject the apparent clone of finally departing, with full benefits, Supervisor David Wagner.

Candidate Todd Waring, with virtually no previous community involvement, boasts of endorsements by bombastic politician Mark Pettersen and the same developer interests who have consistently supported Dave Wagner. We do not need a four year extension of the failed Wagner administration.

Of particular interest is the endorsement of Todd Waring by wealthy non-resident developer Ed Adler who sold the overpriced Township Hall to this community without taxpayer approval. Does Mr. Adler have another mostly vacant building he is trying to unload on us and needs a new Mr. Inside?

For township supervisor, I will be voting for current Trustee Neil Wallace. Unlike others running for office, Neil has demonstrated his commitment to this community not only as a two-term township trustee but through his multi-year involvement in several local organizations which serve our citizens.

Neil Wallace's unquestioned integrity, comprehensive preparation for meetings and consistent goal to do what is right for the community makes him by far the best candidate for township supervisor.

I urge citizens interested in having experienced, knowledgeable, dedicated people ready to start work on Day One of the new term to elect Neil Wallace as township supervisor.

Henry Woloson

Independence Township