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Seniors figure out social networking

by Mary Keck

May 23, 2012

Janice Herr-Krein logs onto Facebook to find friends. Photo by Mary Keck
If you haven't been careful about what you post on Facebook, you may want to reconsider next time you log on because grandma or grandpa may just send you a "friend" request.

At the Senior Center in Clintonwood Park, seniors have been learning how to navigate the popular social media site, and "they do a very good job," said their instructor Carol Compagnoni.

Over the past few weeks, Compagnoni who offers technology instruction through her Computer2tur service, has been teaching seniors computer basics on a range of topics from hooking up your speakers to using Microsoft Word. Lately, her students have been eager to understand Facebook.

Participant Janice Herr-Krein already uses the Internet for shopping and booking flights, but she wanted to try Facebook because she feels like she's getting behind.

"Technology is moving so fast," she noted.

Janice plans to use social networking to find old classmates and connect with family.

During last Thursday's class, Janice got logged on, started searching for friends, and learned how to use Facebook's privacy settings and chat feature.

"I've wanted to do something like this for a while," she said.

Carol Compagnoni plans to continue tutoring seniors interested in the cyber world. In fact in their next class, seniors will be communicating via Skype, an online video chat service.

For more information check, and next time you update your status, don't forget that grandma or grandpa may be watching.