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Peeking In The Past
A Look BackFrom The CNews archives

May 23, 2012

15 years ago - 1997

"Making science fun" Students at Bailey Lake Elementary School had their choice of animals during an all-day science day. They got to experience, hands on, lots of other branches of science as they ditched their regular subjects for the day.

"Technology an important part of bond issue" Oakland schools held a "cybercamp" to see if students preferred doing research through the internet instead of the library. A proposed bond was to spend between $6-$7 million dollars to bring technology to the students.

"Message clear: Casinos are not wanted here" Residents of Orion, Independence and Oxford townships almost unanimously spoke out against the Bay Mills Indian Tribe putting a casino on I-75 and Joslyn. Volunteers from the community against the idea made an imaginary line across where the bulldozers would be months into the future.

25 years ago - 1987

"Catallo debuts as a winner" In his first race, 19-year-old Curt Catallo drove like a seasoned pro as he won the feature race at Waterford Hill Race Track. He was studying literature at Bennington College in Vermont at the time, and flew in for the weekend for the race. His father, Clarence, also a racer, said he was enjoyed his son's racing more than his own.

"Wolves blitz Oxford in second half" Coach of the Clarkston varsity soccer team Hana Olsen gave athletes an incentive that brought a win. At half time, the Wolves were down 0-2. Olsen told the athletes that they would get a few days off if they won and Clarkston ended the game 4-2.

"Therapist Honor" Occupational therapist Gretchen Reeves of Davisburg was placed on the roster of Fellows of the American Occupational Therapy Association, one of the highest honors for an occupational therapist.

50 years ago - 1962

"Celebrate 50 years of scouting" Local Girl Scouts were preparing for their Golden Anniversary Celebration in Wisner Stadium in Pontiac. They readied floats, field activities, and dances in colorful costumes.

"Teachers Leaving! Why?" A group of local citizens who were alarmed about the loss of teachers met and held a heated discussion about the issue. They decided to create a comittee know as "The Citizens Committee For Better Education."