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Letter to the Editor
Reader seeks change of vision

May 23, 2012

Dear Editor,

The school millage failure is only the tip of our local educational iceberg 'Leaders' of Clarkston schools are forgetting American exceptional-ism in favor of globaloney.

If Clarkston schools are not emphasizing the greatness of America, a change in vision isn't warranted, it is imperative.

In an attempt to globalize the youth of Independence Clarkston schools is asking for infants not yet potty trained to enter their propaganda factory. Free food is sent home with children for weekend, and will be served all summer to one and all who come, as if our schools now produce loaves and fishes.

Once upon a time our schools taught cognitive skills, reading, sums, syntax, and American history. Now, 'leaders' of the district have shown centrifugal forces of global vision have broken their intellectual moorings. Harvard is coming to rescue the children.

Bosh and fiddlesticks...

Rob Namowicz

Independence Township