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Viewpoints on township fire mill issue, candidacies
Critical letter

May 23, 2012

Dear Editor,

Henry Woloson's letter in the May 16 paper is a direct example of how Wallace supporters continue to bash good people and not focus on what's best for the township.

Mr. Woloson obviously does not know me as he states I have little community involvement, my website shows my involvement in this community and what I stand for ""

I am proud to have Trustee Mark Petterson's endorsement as he in my opinion is a true leader and truly has the township's best interest at heart and does not play a role in the embarrassing political squabbling that the current township government is known for.

Regarding Ed Adler, he is a well known successful and respected businessman and an asset to this township, the township board voted to purchase the property from him, so if it's believed the township paid too much for the land, then shame on the township not Ed Adler.

This again is a perfect example of how the current government and its supporters continue to focus on bashing and not the future of this township and the residents best interests, embarrassing only themselves .

Todd Waring

Independence Township