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Letter to the Editor: ‘Here we go again!’

May 23, 2012

From what I understand and from comments made by residents who were at last night's Board meeting, the Council, in their infinite wisdom, voted four to three to have an exercise facility in the Orion Center. Evidently this facility is for residents 62 years of age and older. The room for the facility is very small and will not accommodate very many people and word is that the exercise equipment came from now defunct Curves stores. Let's hope the equipment has been updated and inspected because some of the equipment from Curves is outdated and overused!

And let's hope the township has proper insurance coverage for seniors who plan to use the exercise facility! Some people over age 62 may not be ready for strenuous exercise. So let's hope the instructors are well trained and familiar with the signs of over exhaustion. No one wants to have a senior participant experience a health problem and then have the senior or his or her family sue the Township for costs associated with the incident!

So all in all I think this was another dumb idea in the string of dumb ideas foisted on residents of Lake Orion! And evidently with a vote of four to three there were others on the Board who felt likewise! When does all this end? At the next election!

Bill Kalmar

Lake Orion Resident