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Low water level in Mill Pond

by Mary Keck

June 06, 2012

Some Clarkston citizens have been concerned about the water level of Mill Pond, and called the Department of Environmental Quality and City Hall. According to Melanie Foose of the DEQ, "it appears that the water level has decreased."

Foose said that the DEQ received "complaints that there has been activity with the dam, but I have not observed it." She also noted that the water level could be impacted by a variety of factors such as sediment build-up and lack of rain.

Bob Roth, the dam operator, says the dam "hasn't been changed since last October" and "Upper Mill Pond is only a foot deep in its prime." While he is aware that the water level is low, he said "its as normal as normal is."

Each year, the level decreases around this time because there's less water coming over the spillway, Roth explained. The dam is now partially closed, but it must remain open a little to feed the stream in Depot Park, he said.

Melanie Foose intended to take another look at the pond after the rainy weekend, and said, "we understand that residents are concerned, and we're looking into it."