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Letter to the Editor
A ‘no’ for School of Choice decision

June 06, 2012

Dear Editor,

I am frustrated and sad Dr. Rod Rock, with the help of the School Board President Cheryl McGinnis, has instituted "unlimited" Schools of Choice in four programs in the district, including Project Lead the Way, which allows for the acceptance of anyone of the appropriate age who applies from outside of the district. It was approved May 21.

There was no communication from Dr. Rock this year asking the public how they felt about making Lead the Way "unlimited" and the only place one could have seen any reference to it was in the May 21 board packet posted to the district website on May 18, before the Monday meeting. Dr. Rock was full of public communications when it came to try to get the $20 million bond passed, but not this.

Per District Policy, changes must be discussed by the School Board before voting on it. The May 21 meeting had the board discussing the change and voting on it. When advised by several board members of the violation, Cheryl McGinnis, with the power of the majority, overruled them, kept it as the scheduled vote, and Dr. Rock's rubber stamp majority board members approved the change and the renewal.

Dr. Rock's annual evaluation will be during a closed session on June 18, with the final written evaluation presented at the June 25 meeting. Please let Dr. Rock and the School Board know how you feel about unlimited Schools of Choice in the Lead the Way Program in Clarkston High School and how you feel about the board violating their own Board Bylaw by voting on the change without a prior board meeting discussion.

Let them know if you think it's disturbing that the district chose to not engage the public on the School of Choice change, at

Thank you.

Dawn Schaller

Independence Township