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Powerhouse offers fitness, injury reduction with NXT

by Gabriel L. Ouzounian

June 06, 2012

Sometimes even the best training cannot prevent an injury, but one local gym is trying to buck that trend.

Orion's Powerhouse Gym, located at 802 South Lapeer Road, expanded their facilities in April to include a new "next level" training center called NXT. The facility, which lies separate from the main building but in the same strip mall, is an area where gym members can participate in group classes that focus on making people more durable and functional.

"We do out-of-the-box exercises that helps prevent things like thrown out backs," said Gym Owner Phill Stublensky. You can only get people so in shape with the fixed equipment you have here at Powerhouse. The exercises we do here mean we can get them more durable and being more durable means having less injuries."

The area features a number of different and unorthodox exercise equipment. A ladder called the Frankenstein runs up and down across the room's ceiling for people to climb, while "TRX Suspension training" rings also hang down. Plyometric boxes, slam balls and 110 lb. "water pipes" litter the floor. The pipes are inspired by the Navy SEAL's training.

The program already yielded results with area youth athletes, particularly in the case of Oxford High School Sophomore Laura McCoy whose sports career nearly came to a grinding halt.

"Laura was in a game against Clarkston, she was running and bam - she was on the ground," said OHS Varsity Soccer Coach Larry Ferris. "We go out there and she's clearly in pain. Everyone thought it must be a torn ACL but when they went to the hospital they said because of the muscles around the knee she didn't tear it, it was just sprained. That's a three week injury as compared to a year that some athletes don't even come back from.

"The doctor credited the training at NXT."

Stublensky said his passion for the project is working with both youth and adults to help push them past their limits with a focus on safety. This outlook has attracted a number of student athletes and includes entire teams such as the OHS varsity soccer teams, Lake Orion High Schools wrestlers and the area federation baseball club. Individuals from cheerleaders to volleyball players also seek out the program as their sports see a large amount of injuries.

The latest group of interested parties are up-and-coming football players for LOHS.

"It's more functional and applicable to everyday activity," said Stublensky. "We still believe in the machines here, but the exercise offers training in dynamic movement and that takes you to the next level. You are able to use more muscles at the same time so you use more energy and can lose weight even quicker."

Right now there is free enrollment for NXT group training. For $100 a month, members get access to the gym, the aerobic classes and the 11 weekly NXT group classes, which Stublensky said when compared to a $50-a-session personal trainer, is a good deal.

For more information on NXT or Powerhouse, call 248-693-0300 and ask for Training Director Ben Knight.