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Athlete of the Week
Leading the way

by Wendi Reardon

June 06, 2012

Stephanie Dellinger beats Hartland to the ball during the MHSAA Regional finals. Photo by Wendi Reardon
Senior Stephanie Dellinger stood poised and ready for the referee's signal to go as the ball sat on her lacrosse stick and her opponents.

Once Dellinger got the signal she battled for draw possession and won before passing the ball to a teammates.

"We have yet to have a girl draw the possession like Stephy," said coach and mom, Stephanie Dellinger. "She has helped carry the team. She is a leader out there. She tells the girls where to go. Other teams know Steph because they put four girls on her. Stephy only received All-State mention but she is under rated. Both her and Lauren Sharkey."

She started playing lacrosse in second grade when she was living in Maryland.

"It was just what everyone was doing," Stephanie explained. "I started with a recreation team and kept going."

She kept with it and joined the Lady Wolves' team when her family moved to Clarkston five years ago.

Stephanie admitted the transition was difficult because lacrosse was new to the area. But she put to use the knowledge and experience she had to lend her teammates.

"It was a lot of fun," she smiled. "I liked helping everyone. I liked playing with them and also coaching them along the way."

She is unsure if she will continue playing lacrosse but she is sure of her next step after graduation. Stephanie plans to study psychology at University of Alabama when her family moves to Alabama.

"I want to go into intelligence like my dad does and work for the government," she added. "Psychology is a good major for it."

Stephanie also played basketball most of her life but stopped in tenth grade. It allowed her more time to play for her All-American lacrosse team which she has been playing for five years.

For young ladies aspiring to play in the growing sport of lacrosse, Stephanie said not to give up.

"Keep going with it," she added. "The more girls we get the bigger the program will be."