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Letter to the Editor
Rosso support for Wallace candidacy

June 13, 2012

Dear Editor,

From my service with Neil Wallace on the Independence Township Board for eight years, I have witnessed firsthand his dedication, leadership and hard work.

From his varied and genuine community involvement as demonstrated by six years of service, five as chairperson, of the Independence Township Planning Commission; a consistent advocate of the fire and police operations; an underlying commitment in support of the library; and taking on the leadership of bringing our public access cable channel up to the technological standards our community deserves, I know Neil has always been motivated by the best interests of the Township and its residents.

Neil has taken head on, with the support of the Township Board, a critical review of the budgeting process to efficiently and effectively deliver services we expect in spite of the downturn in property tax revenues.

When Supervisor Dave Wagner became unable to participate in board meetings in early 2011 due to his medical disability, I agreed as senior board member to chair the Township Board meetings during the better part of 2011.

I indicated in December of last year that I would like someone else to chair the meetings for 2012. On Jan. 10, Trustee Mark Petterson nominated Neil Wallace to chair the Board meetings.

The board then proceeded to appoint Mr. Wallace to chair the meeting. Mr. Wallace was then appointed by the board to chair each subsequent meeting. Neil Wallace has presided over every meeting with a fair and balanced approach. He encourages open participation of board members and citizens in attendance addressing the board with their concerns.

This is not the time to elect a novice to the critical position of supervisor. We desperately need the experienced community dedication of Neil Wallace at this critical juncture of our township governance.

Although I am retiring from the Township Board after serving this community for 16 years, I have a strong interest in ensuring that the township will be in good hands in the future. Because Neil Wallace is the very best person to lead us, I urge everyone to vote for him on Aug. 7.

Larry Rosso, trustee

Independence Township