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Letter to the Editor
A call for follow-ups on diminishing pond

June 13, 2012

Dear Editor,

It is clear that governmental action is required to address the diminishing quality of Mill Pond habitat, including the pond between Bluegrass Drive and Buttercup Lane and the Clinton River.

Water levels have been steadily declining, creating mosquito breeding areas and affecting wildlife habitat, as well as community aesthetics and property values.

We have a collective responsibility to protect this resource, but local government must show greater leadership and initiative to develop and implement a corrective plan.

I hope The Clarkston News will continue to follow up and report on efforts with specific detail. This current article ("Low water level in Mill Pond," June 6) is good news, but it would be nice to know what specific steps government is taking to research and address the problem quickly, before a marsh or desert replaces historic water/scenic resources.

Michael C. Fetzer