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Supervisor candidate has a vision

by Mary Keck

June 13, 2012

Terry Fortuna is running for township supervisor. Photo by Mary Keck
Republican Terry Fortuna has a vision for Independence Township, so he's running for supervisor in the Aug. 7 primary election.

Fortuna currently works under contract with the 6th Judicial Circuit Court and is a police officer in Lake Angelus. He was formerly a special agent for the Drug Enforcement Agency and was elected as a precinct delegate in Birmingham in 1991.

From Fortuna's perspective, the township needs a supervisor who is "a visionary with controlled disciplines, and a manager of people and problems."

To get his ideas off the ground, he doesn't intend to work part time.

"I think with my vision, [Supervisor] is absolutely a full time position," he said.

The vision Fortuna has in mind for the community is based on developing entrepreneurial business and "harnessing the individual talent of the citizens," he said. He is also "pro-growth" when it comes to the McLaren hospital, which is a view he shares with the other candidates (Todd Waring, Neil Wallace, and Pat Kittle).

Fortuna says he's not interested in mudslinging, but believes, "When you look at some of the decisions, both personal and business, that [the other Supervisor] candidates have made, it should be concerning to voters."

He draws a line between himself and the supervisor-hopefuls because, "I'm not controlled by anybody; there's no special interest behind me. I'm doing this for my family and my neighbors," he explained.

While Fortuna has many new ideas in mind, he thinks the township has made some strides.

"The development of business corridors was productive, and parks and recreation is going well," he said, but Fortuna doesn't give credit to the current government. Instead, he believes the township's successes are "indicative of the people."

"I think the community would like a township leader that really has some ideas and can execute them," Fortuna said. "We have a gorgeous platform: this community. We can really develop things here."

For more information, call 248-790-5571.