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‘Important People of Ortonville’ photos on display at library

by David Fleet

June 13, 2012

Patty and Isaac Oliver look at some of the 20 Important People of Ortonville portaits on display at the Brandon Township Library. Pictured from left are Molly LaLone, Ed Thompson, Nicole Perris, David Kwapis, Jackie Nowicki and Pete Burkett. Photos by Patrick McAbee.
So who's who in town? A local photographer captured the results on film.

On display at the Brandon Township Public Library are 20 fine art photographs titled, "Important People of Ortonville," taken by Mark Kelly, owner of MPKphoto.

"My objective was to find some people in Ortonville that would be respected and appreciated," said Kelly. "I wanted the 'Miss McGillicutty's' of Ortonville—people that make a difference and are recognizable."

Kelly styled the work after American Fashion Photographer Rich Avedon, known for his pictures of working people including miners and oil field workers in their soiled work clothes, unemployed drifters, and teenagers growing up in the west circa 1979-84.

"I was trying to get honest expressions," said Kelly, regarding the selection.

Titled the most famous press camera ever produced—the photos were done on a 1958 Super Graphic camera using black and white film.

"I had to load the film in the dark and unload the film from the camera in a black box—Titan Professional Photo Labs in Troy did the developing," he added.

The high resolution photos were shot at 4-by-5 (inches) and expanded to 17-by-22 inches include fire chiefs, business owners and law enforcement.