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Jim's Jottings
Helter skelter, mish mash mind-emptying Jottings

by Jim Sherman, Sr.

June 20, 2012

Whenever I hear a sports commentator use either of these two words -- physiological or athleticism -- I immediately put him or her into the amateur column.

Whenever I hear a commercial telling us about a recent discovery of a long lost stash of gold, that was worth $90 a ounce, but I can "buy now for 35 cents during this limited time offer," I want to hide my wallet.

I know the word hate should be banned, but I use it both when a weather report is right and wrong, depending on what I wanted that day.


A fellow named Ronald E. Rockwell took a liking to Jottings, and occasionally sends a column by Larry Webster from the Lexington, Kentucky Herald Leader

The columns I get are back-hills talk. Like, "Our murder rate has gone down, but that is because the mean people up here now kill themselves."

And, . .

"So one hot festival day the Mule Band -- which is about half women, even among the men were in the park singing a politically incorrect old song called, 'It's a shame to Whip Your Wife on Sunday' (`cause you got Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.)

"Some women charged the stage raging and screaming because the song insufficiently condemned domestic violence."

The rest of the column was about the West Virginian Hatfields and Kentuckian Harmon McCoy who they killed and lied about where he is buried.


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is looking much older these days than Bill. Of course she has worries and Bill doesn't.

One day she announced the Russians were supplying attack helicopters to the Syrians, and the Russians were selling us helicopters to aid the Syrians. The next day there was another slant on the story.

Another news quip: Sixty percent of Syrians are under the age of 26.


There's a Visiting Angels organization for women. Can a Visiting Devils organization for men be far behind?

Spokesman for Leader Dogs for the Blind school brought a leader dog, Apache, and his message to Oxford Rotary last week. What a great school the Lions Club started in 1939. The man left some bookmarks for remembrances. Which prompted me to wonder if bookmarkers will soon be obsolete, since school-agers are reading everything on-line.

Leader Dogs for the Blind in Rochester has trained over 14,000 clients, from 39 countries in the use of their dogs.

These dogs are trained to help both the deaf and blind, and they have accelerated cane travel training, specialized summer youth programs, and training for auditory GPS technology to increase the ability of the user to travel independently in new environments.

And, all services are provided free of charge to the recipient.

I repeat, what a great program the Lions Clubs started 73 years ago.


I keep the Christmas card from Dick and Donna Milliman on my computer desk. Newspaper friends of over 50 years, the card is a great reminder of good things. I have a picture of ma'dog Shayna there for the same reason.

Three quick insults: Hard to believe he beat out a million other sperm. I'd say he's about one Froot Loop shy of a full box. The wheel's spinning, but the hamster is asleep.