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Letter to the Editor
A call to vote for treasurer challenger Paul Brown

June 20, 2012

Dear Editor,

You know how you want to write a letter to the editor almost weekly, then chuckle…shake your head, and quickly dismiss it?

Well, when I found out that my friend, Paul Brown, was running for township treasurer, I immediately knew that this letter to the editor was going to make it to print!

When Paul and I were at Clarkston High School, he decided to try out for the basketball team as a senior, having not played the game since the 8th grade.

Conditioning preceded tryouts. The last task in conditioning was a 3 mile run, which Paul easily won. After finishing the run, Paul ran an extra lap as fast as he could to the clapping and encouragement of the rest of the team and earned instant respect from everyone as a kid who took his goal very seriously.

Through perseverance, dedication, and incredible hard work, Paul made that team. It wasn't a simple feat as this team went 26-1 and made it to the state semifinals.

During that year, Dean Smith, the legendary coach for University of North Carolina came to one of our practices to recruit Tim McCormick.

After practice, Paul went for a run only to hear beep, beep, beep from a car coming down the road. Paul looked over and saw Coach Smith waving at him. Days later Paul received a letter from him praising him for his hard work and dedication.

Paul took a circuitous route to becoming a chief financial officer of a medical supply company.

He managed Wendy's restaurants, had an odd jobs business, and even gutted my first house in Clarkston and rebuilt it, when no one else wanted to touch it.

You see, Paul is an eternal optimist. He is brilliant, humble, and an incredible problem solver. I won't mention my record against him in Words With Friends.

He is kind and always obeys the golden rule…do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.

Paul's honesty and integrity are unmatched. He is extremely caring, and is always looking out for the best interest of his family and friends, especially when he knows his expertise will be helpful.

He has an incredible work ethic, and gets a kick out of finding an answer. Best of all, Paul is always in a good mood, wears a smile on his face, and has a sense of humor second to none.

I haven't mentioned that Paul Brown is a Certified Public Accountant; reason enough to vote for him, because he is simply the most trustworthy person I know.

Paul will make an outstanding township treasurer and I urge you all to join me in voting for him.

Dr. Larry Baylis

Independence Township