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Keiser's Role First baby picture

by Trevor Keiser

July 04, 2012

A couple weeks ago my wife and I went to the doctor and we got to see our first baby picture and hear its little heartbeat via ultrasound.

It was amazing, I cried. I looked at my wife Noell with tear filled eyes and said "we created this." We won't know the sex until another four weeks. I am getting very anxious about knowing. I have to know whether to start buying pink or blue. I say I want a boy first, but in the end I just want it to be strong and healthy.

After seeing the ultrasound and Noell reading to me what developes on and in the baby throughout the different weeks I am amazed how people can still shake their head and say "there is no God."

To me the transformation of life is living proof that God exists.

I have always loved kids, but I usually prefer them when they start walking, talking and attempting to communicate with you other than crying. Since the I know I am now having one of my own my senses have become heightened to the wee little ones and I find myself saying "awwww, how cute."

Being a guy who enjoys fashion, I am looking forward to buying some clothes. Especially dress clothes, those are the funnest I think. For boys you got the little ties, vests, and tiny dress shoes. For girls you have the frilly dresses, the headbands, the little tights with hearts on them and the little "heels."

Noell decided boy or girl we are going to decorate the nursery in Winnie the Pooh. Something we both loved in our childhood. Who doesn't love the squishy yellow bear who eats honey, the "woohoo hoo" of Tigger, grumpy rabbit, cute lil Piglet, or even "woe is me" Eeyore and who could forget Kanga, Roo, and the ever famous Christopher Robin.

So my faithful readers, keep watch for the "what is it?" announcement in the up coming weeks.