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One step closer to District Library

by Mary Keck

July 11, 2012

Both the Independence Township board and the Clarkston City Council approved The Clarkston Independence District Library agreement this week.

"We're one step closer, but not quite there yet," said Library Director Julie Meredith.

The next step is giving the agreement to Michigan State Librarian Nancy Robertson who has 30 days to approve it. If the agreement is approved, the state will officially recognize the Clarkston Independence District Library.

"It is such a positive thing for the two municipalities to come together," said Meredith.

If it is designated a District Library, on "January 1, 2013 the library will be a completely independent entity," governed by its own board, she explained.

Between now and the state's approval, the city and township will appoint a seven-member District Library Board. The township will choose five members, and the city will choose two.

Nine candidates were introduced to the Township Board on July 3, and five of them will be appointed to the District Library Board at the township's next meeting on July 17 at 7 p.m. at Township Hall. Based on the candidates, Meredith feels, "it'll be a good board. I'm really excited."

The District Library board will write the November ballot language for the library's replacement millage, which will most likely be 1.25 mills, an increase of .559.

"We're asking for a small increase that is really needed," Meredith said.

The library's current millage at .69 and hasn't increased since the 1980s.

According to Meredith, the mill increase will help the library improve in areas residents mentioned in recent surveys such as more general collections materials like books, CDs, and e-books and more programming.

"After all these years, we're going to be where we need to be," Meredith said.

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